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Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

SURAKARTA always be my holiday

Surakarta, my wifey hometown, are always be my holiday. around end of october 2009
i start to draw my lovely lil boy, Falih karuna while he sleeping, he was 3,5 months old when i draw him,

i take my first ride around solo and found that an old house, use to be soldier headquarter, now already renovated and became great old house. unfortunately not easy to get enter the gate cause of the many guards around this house.

my second draw taking place at museum pers indonesia, still in solo, it's an old building and used as museum (as it name, LOL)
taking this sketch at noon in front of the museum they got small city garden, so i can do relax sketching enjoying sound of water funtains

i make this quick sketch at a bike workshop.... good hell (read it gudhel; name of my bike) got flat tire after taking long ride around surakarta....

all sketch using mechanichal pencil pentel 0,5 2B

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