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Selasa, 15 Desember 2009

Kesederhanaan dalam Musafir yang lugu.


Kesederhanaan dalam Musafir yang lugu.

Surakarta, December 14th 2009

His name is Sam Sun

He loves Wu-shu, Body building, Capoera, Martial arts, and ART (specially sketching).

He was having long hair like Chinese oldskool kung fu movie but now got baldhead, ”Like shaolin warrior’ as he told me.

He came from Madiun, East Java from a traditional farmer family. I didn’t know his exactly address but he told me that you can ask any bad guy in Madiun Bus Station for his name.

And he don’t use phone as well as he not using computers, internet, and camera digital.

He likes to be a ‘Musafir’ when he doesn’t go farming in his village. Taking his drawing board with lot of papers, sketching everything he saw everywhere. But in morning and evening, you’ll see him practicing his martial art, jogging, and do some looping jump.

He was registered at my college at year of 2000, and got drop out a year later. Then, he goes re-entry at year 2002 as new student just for a year too. His favorite class is drawing class. And he still likes to hang out around campus, that’s a reason why even new student know him, and it was the easy way to find him to.

Mostly he likes to sketch people faces, and people like to be his models. Mostly his models are his friend in college, and some people he knows on street. And some times some people asking him to be his models. I was lucky to find his sketch of me as model, and it was March 3rd 2003 sketch that he made for me. I still keep the copy of his sketch at my home while he kept the real artwork
He likes to use many media and technique, but mostly he likes to use drawing pen and pencil. Too bad that he never use sketch book, he often use A4 70g HVS paper, and sometimes get good papers from friends.
He likes to use color pencils to for some work. But sometimes he like to play with other media too.

He likes to draw animals too, and like a hunter, he could stand still ignore anything to get some good natural pose of animals like birds, or other wildlife animals. Though he also likes to go to zoo

For his body building and muscles, he need a lot of food nutrition. And he likes to sketch what he will eat.

Normally he draw with his right hand, but he sure can draw with left hand too. And even he try and practice using his foot to draw too.

He likes to sketch everything and everywhere and every time, specially where many people/crowd/event held. At 2005, his friends in campus invite him for exhibition at campus for more than 700 sketchs he made, maybe now it more than 2000 sketchs he already done.

Yang tak terbayarkan adalah kepolosan dan ketulusannya sebagai seorang teman dalam kesederhanaan hidupnya sebagai seorang musafir yang nomaden saat ia melangkahkan kakinya keluar untuk berpetualang.*

*=please find the mean by your own language

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  1. wedew... sayang juga ya kalo pake kertas HVS padahal gambarnya bagus

  2. keterbatasannya dia town, ini juga rencananya hendak aku carikan buku sketsa...