these are my live drawing sketch pages.... these are what i caught using my iris lens..... these are my iris pictures

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

iris picture project 1# (1/3 of journey)

my first sketch on this book is taking place on my basecamp, erwan, is my friend in work, playing guitar and singing in evening, second draw taking place in north of blok m square, it not finished yet, cause some work call me first...

i was sitting on rear seat of KIA pregio on the way to sentul for reccee (check for shooting location) with Autocilin TVC production team, the driver drove the car fast, while others sleeping... i draw, while then i sketching at Nefosindo office's garage while waiting for a meeting with Autocilin TVC production team.

i sketch this one while Indonesia Sketchers members got a small meet up at semanggi plaza, jakarta, SOHO resto.

while waiting for reccee for Gudang Garam fair play TVC production

some sketch behind the scene of Frestea TVC production on melawai, blok M, Jakarta.

behind the scene of Autocilin tvc production at blok M, jakarta

while preparation for Gudang Garam fair play tvc production, we work in 7'sunday who had nice office.

Liez, my best friend, fell asleep after too tired company me around jakarta with my bike,

behind the scene of Gudang garam fair play TVC, it was 3 days of night scene, 350 people extra talent and they all foreigner, and some drunk. 26 football players

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