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Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Indonesia sketchers... raise my live sketching passion again

my sister, Atit, make Indonesia sketchers group on facebook, it raise my live sketching passion again... yippie....
and these draw i made since their first gathering, october 10th 2009, at museum fatahillah, jakarta kota.

i made this on on jalan surabaya, menteng, jakarta. a long street full of antique market vendors.
this on is music corner, where they selling vinyl plate, cassette, cd, turntable, tape deck, speakers, and others..... its nice to hang out here at evening with their big trees surrounding.

this one i made really early in the morning while taking a zip of coffee in coffee wars, located at kemang timur, jakarta,
a nice coffee shop owned by yogie d sumule and his brother, derby,
nice and good people there....

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